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Posted on: June 7, 2017

NYSEG Telephone Scam Reported

NYSE&G Scam reported by a North Salem Resident

Someone saying they are from NYSEG called a North Salem resident. The caller ID said NYSEG 800-572-1111, which is actually a correct phone number. The person told the resident that their electricity was being turned off in 45 minutes and that they should have received a letter stating such 10 days earlier. The resident ask questions, such as what was my account numbers etc., which the person "could not answer", and they were told to call their Corporate Office "where the request was filed" to discuss.  They were told to call 866-978-8510 (it seemed very legit, when you call you get a message saying "You have reached NYSEG") and was given a reference number of Y306U97.

Upon doing so they were asked to go with a payment within 45 minutes to a location in Auburn, NY or the electricity would be disconnected.  When they asked what the account number was or where the heck Auburn was as it is not anywhere near me, they hung up on me. The person then called the number on the NYSEG bill (also 800-572-1111), who verified all of the accounts were current and that it was a scam.  Should you encounter a similar call, please call the police to report the occurrence.

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