Building Department & Code Enforcement


The Town of Southeast Building Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the New York State Building Code and the Code of the Town of Southeast. Enforcement of the Codes shall provide minimum requirements to safeguard the public safety, health and general welfare through:
  • Adequate light and ventilation
  • Energy conservation
  • Means of egress facilities
  • Safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment
  • Sanitation
  • Stability
  • Structural strength


The process involved in the administration and enforcement of the State Building Code includes the review of Building Permit plans and applications for improvements and repair of new and existing residential and commercial properties. This process also includes inspection of the construction at specific intervals to ensure that work permitted is in compliance with the submitted design and the Codes.


The Town of Southeast Building Department performs the following services:
  • Inspections of construction required for issuance of Certificate of Occupancy at completion of project
  • Processing of applications for building permits
  • Referral of applications to the Zoning Board of Appeals, the  Planning Board and the Architectural Review Board, as required
  • Municipal searches of historical building records

Issuance of Building Permits

In the Town of Southeast, the application and issuance of a Building Permit is required prior to the excavation, construction, demolition, or changing the nature of the occupancy. A Building Permit is also required for most home improvements.

Building Restrictions

No person or organization shall begin to excavate, erect, construct, enlarge, alter, remove, improve, demolish, convert or change the nature of the occupancy, repair, install any mechanical equipment or systems such as plumbing, heating, electrical, fire suppression or detection system without first having applied for and obtained a permit. General home improvements such as swimming pools, sheds, signs, accessory apartments, or home occupations require permits.