Post Construction Stormwater Management

Post-construction storm water management in areas undergoing new development or redevelopment is necessary because runoff from these areas has been shown to significantly affect receiving waterbodies. The Town of Southeast will implement post-construction stormwater management BMPs to address existing and future stormwater problem areas.

Substantial Impacts

  • There are generally two forms of substantial impacts from post-construction runoff.
  • The first is caused by an increase in the type and quantity of pollutants in storm water runoff.
  • The second kind occurs by increasing the quantity of water delivered to the waterbody during storms due to the increase in impervious surfaces.

New Controls

The Town has already installed new stormwater controls off of Bloomer Road to correct an existing problem. Funding has been secured to make similar improvements near Lake Tonetta.

Management Districts

The Town of Southeast has created stormwater management districts to ensure proper operation and maintenance of new stormwater basins in residential subdivisions. With the help of the Highway Superintendent, the Town will continue to identify locations for non-structural or structural best management practices to treat stormwater from existing areas of development.