Route 22 Master Plan and Zoning Update

Route 22 Zoning Update

The Town of Southeast is updating its local Zoning regulations regarding land development along the Route 22 corridor from the end of I-684 to the Town of Patterson Town Line.  Below is the proposed Local Law for the Re-Zoning:

DRAFT Zoning 

Route 22 Master Plan

Adopted Route 22 Master Plan

Planning Board Resolution to Town Board

Results of the Survey Undertaken in August and September, 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey.  The response was tremendous and we learned a lot about what residents and businesses think about ways to improve this important area of our Town.
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Planning Board Meeting Presentations
Project History

The Town of Southeast adopted the Route 22 Master Plan and associated Zoning in 2007. It primarily focused on the land bordering Route 22 from Clocktower Commons in the south to the intersection with Route 312 in the north. The vision at the time was to create a new Town center. However for a number of reasons—such as changes to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s wetland map, the Great Recession, lack of sewer infrastructure, poor soils for subsurface on-site wastewater treatment, and a shift in public opinion towards revitalizing the Village of Brewster rather than creating a new downtown—this plan was never fully realized.

Route 22 remains a vital north south corridor for retail and other commercial uses within the limits of the Town of Southeast. There are also several large vacant and underutilized properties within this corridor. Thirteen years have passed since the Route 22 Master Plan was adopted, and it has been six years since the Town undertook a focused update to the overall Comprehensive Plan. As such, a new look at the Route 22 corridor is warranted.

Project Schedule and Approach

The Planning Board reviewed the Route 22 corridor in three sections:

Section 1: End of I-684 to Clocktower Commons

Section 2: Clocktower Commons to Brewster Town Center

Section 3: Brewster Town Center to Town of Patterson (including Old Doansburg Road)

Master Plan Considerations

The Route 22 Master Plan considered the following areas of analysis:

  • Changes in economic and demographic conditions.
  • Existing and anticipated changes to environmental conditions (e.g. wetlands).
  • NYSDOT planned improvements to Route 22.
  • Real estate market trends.
  • Sanitary sewer infrastructure.
  • Existing buildings and land uses.
  • Visual resources and community character.

How can I get involved?

Please subscribe to the Town of Southeast Website for updates. The Planning Board will discuss the Route 22 Master Plan and Zoning Updates at the end of its regularly scheduled meetings. Starting in September 2020, there will be opportunities for the public to ask questions and comment on the sections of Route 22 being discussed. There will also be a minimum of two public hearings during the process (one with the Planning Board and one with the Town Board).

What section of Route 22 is part of this study?

The section being studied is entirely within the Town of Southeast and extends from the end of I-684 to the Town of Patterson Town Line.

Map of the study area: